My manuscript was rejected. Can you help?

Certainly, our Revised/Rejected Paper Editing service is tailor-made for your situation. We conduct a comprehensive language and content review of your manuscript to address all reviewer comments and ensure it is ready for resubmission.

How can MSIT help me get published?

Our Publication Support services are designed to provide end-to-end support to researchers at every stage of the publishing process. Services like Journal Selection, Pre-Submission Peer Review, Journal Submission, and Revised/Rejected Paper Editing among others, offered by MSIT research experts, help you excel in your publishing journey.

Can I submit the same manuscript to different journals at the same time?

No. Submitting the same paper to multiple journals at the same time is prohibited by the journal’s code of conduct policy and is seen as unethical. This method could lead to duplicate publishing, and the journal(s) is/are likely to withdraw your submission, which would belittle your respectable reputation.

What is Pre-submission Peer Review?

Reviewers offer the journal’s editors and decision-makers insightful feedback during the editorial and decision-making processes. But because editorial turnaround times for journals might vary, it’s possible that your manuscript won’t undergo peer review for a while. Getting technical feedback on your manuscript from a subject-matter authority in your field will help you improve, avoid rejections, …

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What are publication support services?

Throughout the journal submission process, publication support services give researchers a one-stop shop for premium editorial and production services. Use beneficial resources like:

What are the areas in which you support research writing?

We offer help in a wide range of fields, including engineering, computer science, library science, the arts, management, literature, economics, sociology, psychology, and medicine, to name a few. We offer fully professional technical content and support publishing in international journals like Scopus, Web of Science, and SCI.

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